Notes and Projects


[Markdown] How to Write a Q3 Essay - Notes from Sweeney's AP English Lit
[Markdown] Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are Dead Lit Terms - list is finished
[Markdown] Heart of Darkness Lit Terms - list is finished
[Markdown] Beloved Lit Terms- will be updated every day there are new terms
[Bootstrap] Bio Chapter 47 Study Guide - study guide for Ch. 47 for Ms. Richardson's AP Bio; styled by Richard Wang (also wrote 47.1 and 2)


[Bootstrap + Frog - Archived] English 109 Blog - a blog for reading reflections from English 109H (University of Arizona, fall 2016)

[Bootstrap + Frog] Korean 202 Blog - a blog written in Korean for Korean 202 (University of Arizona, spring 2017)

Java Outback - question data forked from Sean Stephens (modified for CSc 335, spring 2017), and using the React JS app