Reflection: Dec. 5

:: multimodal

Reflection on Video Narrative

Today’s reflection journal is going to be shorter, since this is the last entry before the final journal submissions are due. What follows is a brief reflection on the video narratives discussed on Monday’s lecture.

Reflection: Week of Nov. 21

:: presentation

Reflection on Presentations

What follows is a reflection on the process I took in developing my presentation, which was presented on Wednesday, as well as a reflection of my classmates’ presentations.

Reflection: Week of Nov. 14

:: satire, presentation

Reflection on Satire Assignment and Presentations

Throughout this week, I have been considering what to speak about for the presentation assignment. In addition, what also follows is a reflection on how my satire assignment went, and the general issues I faced in shifting my assignment’s format and tone.

Reflection: Week of Nov. 7

:: satire

Reflection on Working on the Satire Assignment

Through working on this satire assignment this week, I felt that I was able to assimilate the techniques and literary aspects of the units that we have been studying so far, this semester, especially in rhetorical analysis, as well as the specific satirical elements discussed in class.

Reflection: Week of Oct. 31

:: satire

Reflection on Satire Topic (will be updated again on Saturday for the whole week)

Although I am still not entirely sure what topic I will be doing for the satire assignment, I feel that my research topic may fit well with the freedom in format that the assignment allows for.

Reflection: Week of Oct. 24

:: satire

Satire Reflection

Throughout my high school education, I had a lot of fairly informal exposure to satire, especially since I was in a high school program where a majority of the student body was liberal, save for a few. A brief part of our English curriculum actually focused on satire as part of an overarching genre study, but we never went into the depths of satire that I will be reflecting upon in this entry.

Reflection: Week of Oct. 17

:: research

Reflections on drafting the research paper

This week, I am reflecting upon the process of drafting, editing, and the overall writing process I undertook in writing the research paper, as well as my thoughts on peer and instructor feedback I received on my drafts.

Reflection: Week of Oct. 10

:: research

Research Paper Reflections 2

On my second week of working on the research paper, what follows are my reflections on continuing my research paper research, as well as a reflection on the class lectures from this week.